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Welcome to Collector's Connection Advertising collectibles section, items include, beanbags, plush dolls figures toys books and miscellaneous collectible items. We have both used and new items and many hard to find collectibles. We have dozens of other categories of collectibles as well, see our Directory for other sections. Please scroll through our listings, collectibles are organized by character or theme and are alphabetical.Please use the shopping cart or for information on ordering by mail click here or to contact us

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Advertising Characters and Collectibles

Page One A through F

Items are listed in alphabetical order, please scroll down.

Aflac 3.5" plush duck figure with keychain..Photo..$2.95 (Item 43A-527)

Aflac 6" plush duck figure talking lifeguard with hat red lifeguard shirt sunglasses and life preserver around shoulder....Photo..$9.95 (Item 49A-705)

Alka-Seltzer, Speedy, beverage glass cozy, 9" length, 3" diameter wrapped, with velcrow flaps, from 1988, exc condition..Photo..$3.95 (Item 47A-282)

Alpha-Bits Cereal pair of bicycle license plates 4.5" X 2" mail-in offer from the late 90's, advertising collectible..Photo...$2.00 pair (Item 31A-415)

American Freedom Train Foundation, Bicentennial Journey 1976, display banner, shows some aging but in overall exc condition..Photo...$3.00 (Item 38A-915)

Arizona State 25" tourism souvenir pennant from early 90s exc condition..Photo...$3.00 (Item 38A-932)

A and W Rootbeer advertising collectibles

AW Rootbeer Bear 7" plush beanbag, 1997 with orange shirt, distributed by Alpha Kids in exc condition..Photo...$4.50 (Item 43A-532)

AW Bear 13" plush by Brasure Toys, from the mid 1980s, in exc condition..Photo...$7.95 (Item 43A-539)

AW 3" soft vinyl ball, advertising collectible 2003..Photo...$2.50 (Item 43A-542)

AW Rootbeer 3" pumpkin-design hackey sack, advertising collectible..Photo...$2.50 (Item 43A-543)

AW Rootbeer 2.5" vinyl skin, foam rubber baseball, advertising collectible..Photo...$2.50 (Item 43A-533)

AW Rootbeer Bear 2" plush head with plastic clip..Photo...$2.50 (Item 43A-529)

A and W Playtown Adventure Story, A Sea Voyage, A and W Restaurants 1990, 24 pages storybook..Photo...$2.50 (Item 42A-402)

Barnum and Bailey Circus advertising collectibles

Barnum and Bailey Circus Ringling Brothers..5" plush Elephant..Grey color..white inside ears..Photo...$3.00 (Item 226-02)

Barnum's Animals Counting 1 to 10 block book by Joanne Barkan 1998..Photo...$2.25 (Item 28A-984)

Blockbuster Video advertising collectibles

Blockbuster Video, 4" pvc Beetleborg pencil topper..Photo...$2.25 (Item 31A-308)

BlockBuster Video 1997..Wizard of Oz plastic train pieces, figures mounted on yellow brick road pieces that dance when moving.

Scarecrow..Photo...$3.50 (Item 47A-410)

Cowardly lion..Photo...$3.50 (Item 47A-411)

Tin Man chopping wood..Photo...$3.50 (Item 47A-408)

Dorothy and Toto..Photo...$3.50 (Item 47A-409)

advertising collectiblesOther Wizard of Oz Items

Block Buster Video, Miss Piggy 7" stuffed figure 1998..Photo...$2.95 (Item 47A-244)

Block Buster Video, Gonzo 7" stuffed figure, advertising collectible..1998..Photo...$2.95 (Item 47A-245)

Block Buster Video, Fozzie Bear 7" stuffed figure, advertising collectible 1998..Photo...$2.95 (Item 47A-246)

advertising collectiblesOther Sesame and Muppets Items

Budweiser Beer advertising collectibles

advertising collectiblesLink to Budweiser Holiday Steins and Glassware

advertising collectibles

Bush's Best Baked Beans 8" beanbag plush "Duke" with sweater featuring the company logo and motto- "Roll that beautiful bean footage!" produced by Animal Fair late 90's, exc condition..Photo...$6.50 (Item 37A-488)

California Tourist souvenir 8" palmtree shaped character beanbag, palm leaves hat, sunglasses by Souvies Sidekicks 2006, like new..Photo...$4.50 (Item 41A-171)

California Raisins advertising collectibles

California Raisins 5.5 plush figure by Applause 1988, plastic eyes, wire-core poseable arms and legs, man with yellow baseball cap..Photo...$3.75 (Item 43A-593)

California Raisins 5.5 plush figure by Applause 1988, plastic eyes, wire-core poseable arms and legs, woman, no accessories, exc condition..Photo...$3.50 (Item 43A-594)

California Raisins 6" foam rubber figural face finger puppet..Photo...$3.50 (Item 43A-591)

California Raisin 7.5" plush figure, poseable arms and legs, Christmas theme, Ace Novelty late 90s, exc condition..Photo...$4.25 (Item 41A-534)

California raisins 5.5" bendable plush figure with suction cups for hanging by Applause, advertising collectible 1988..Photo...$3.95 (Item 32A-760)

Cal Raisins 2" pvc figure, singer holding microphone..Photo...$2.75 (Item 43A-589)

California Raisins 2" pvc figure..Guitar player blue instrument,orange shoes..Photo...$2.75 (Item 43A-580)

California Raisins 2" pvc figure..on roller skates wearing hat with a letter "H"..Photo...$2.75 (Item 43A-584)

California Raisins 2" pvc figure, orange sunglasses/tennis shoes..Photo...$2.75 (Item 43A-590)

California Raisins 2" pvc figure, carrying radio boombox..Photo...$2.75 (Item 43A-579)

California Raisins 2" pvc figure as trumpet player..Photo...$2.95 (Item 43A-587)

California Raisins 2" pvc figure with yellow surfboard..Photo..$2.75 (Item 43A-578)

California Raisins 2.5" pvc figure, sax player, black white shoes,puffy cheeks..Photo...$3.50 (Item 43A-582)

California Raisins 2.5" pvc figure as singer with microphone, black tip$3.50 (item 43A-583)

California Raisins 2.5" pvc figure as dancer, w/orange tennis shoes and sunglasses, advertising collectible..Photo...$3.50 (43A-588)

California Raisins 2.5" pvc figure as dancer..w/blue tennis shoes and glasses..Photo...$3.50 (43A-585)

Calrab 3" pvc figure, tambourine player..Photo...$3.95 (Item 43A-581)

California Raisins Cassette tape..Sing The Hit Songs, 1987 Priority$3.50 (item 43A-595)

California Raisins 125 piece jigsaw puzzle, beach scene 11" X 17" by American Publishing 1988, puzzle is complete and in exc condition, box has light wear..Photo...$3.50 (Item 47A-598)

Camel Joe advertising collectibles

Camel insulated cup holder, says "Club Camel, Wish you were here"..Photo...$4.00 (Item 15A-033)

Camel Ski Hip pouch..neon orange..good condition, advertising collectible..Photo...$4.50 (Item 26A-126)

Camel Pocket TeeShirt..100% Cotton Adult Tee XL,lightly worn....Big Vegas "Groove Blender"..Photo...$6.50 (Item 49A-636)

Campbell's Soup advertising collectibles

Campbell's Kids 4" diameter porcelain soup mug with saying, "M'm! M'm! Good!"..Photo...$6.95 (Item 29A-568)

Campbell's Kids Doll 1988 Special Edition, boy, mint in factory sealed package..Photo...$15.00 (Item 37A-484)

Campbell's Kids Doll 1988 Special Edition, girl, mint in factory sealed package..Photo...$15.00 (Item 37A-485)

Campbell's Soup 11.5 oz soup thermos from 1998..Photo...$6.50 (Item 26A-976)

Campbell's Soup 3.5" diameter X 3.5" tall advertising tin from 1992..Photo...$3.50 (Item 27A-390) Sale Pending on this item

Canada 3.75" metal bottle opener..Photo...$4.00 (Item 15A-465)

Carrows 11" plush bear, advertising outfit..Photo...$4.95 (Item 46A-852)

Cheerios Advertising Collectibles

Cheerios Kids 11" plush doll,from the late 90's by General Mills, advertising collectible..Photo...$7.50 (Item 47A-498)

Cheerios, Play Book, fill in the missing Cheerios, learning game style board book, Little Simon 1998..Photo...$3.50 (Item 28A-595)

Cheerios Animal Play Book, fill in the missing cheerios, learning game style board book, Little Simon 1999..Photo...$3.50 (Item 35A-241)

Cheerios Halloween Play Book, fill in the missing Cheerios, Little Simon educational board book 2001..Photo...$3.50 (Item 37A-351)

Cheerios Christmas Play Book, fill in the missing cheerios, learning game style board book, Little Simon 2000..Photo...$3.50 (Item 37A-076)

Chester Cheetah Advertising Collectibles

Chester Cheetah 3" coinpurse..Photo...$2.50 (Item 43A-554)

Chevrolet 9" beanbag plush bear by Kabor 2002, gray, excellent condition ..Photo...$5.95 (Item 47A-496)

Chevrolet 9" beanbag plush bear by Kabor 2002, black, excellent condition ..Photo...$5.95 (Item 37A-891)

Chevron Cars 5" plastic car, The Chevron Cars 1999 series #18 Casey Coupe..Photo...$4.95 (Item 47A-486)

Chevron Cars 4" plastic car, "Zachary Zoomer" No. 22..Photo...$4.95 (Item 47A-487)

Chevron Cars 6" plastic car, "Della Deluxe" #27 from 2001..Photo...$5.50 (Item 47A-488)

Chevron Cars, "Brandon Bumper" No. 20..Photo...$4.95 (Item 47A-492)

Chevron Cars 5" plastic car..The Chevron Cars 1998 series, Tina Turbo #12..Photo...$4.95 (Item 47A-485)

Chevron Cars Kelly Kompact 1998, mint in box which also serves as a garage background scene and mounting base..Photo..$7.95 (Item 47A-490)

Chevron Cars 5" plastic car 1998, Kelly Kompact #13..Photo...$4.95 (Item 47A-491)

Chevron Cars 5" plastic car, Skyler Scamper #21..Photo...$4.95 (Item 47A-484)

Chevron Freddy 4-Wheeler MC4 with plastic clip 2000..Photo..$2.50 (Item 42A-029)

Chevron mini cars, 3" police cruiser..Photo...$2.50 (Item 32A-684)

Chevron Cars 5" plastic car, The Chevron Cars 1999 series #16 Woody Wagon, advertising collectible..Photo...$4.95 (Item 47A-489)

Chevron Cars, 3 pet turtles pull-string walker toy..Photo...$2.95 (Item 49A-279)

Chicken of the Sea 18" vinyl carry-all bag, advertising collectible, exc condition..Photo...$6.95 (Item 47A-503)

Chick-fil-A promo, 6" plush figure, cow character wearing sign saying "Eat Mor Chikin" by Craton, early 2000s exc condition..Photo...$3.50 (Item 47A-511)

Coco Monkey, see Kellogg's Section

coca cola advertising collectiblesCoca Cola Collectibles Page

Coors Beer

Cracker Jack Magnifier from Subway 3.5" plastic toy..Photo...$2.50 (Item 43A-568)

Cracker Jack 2.5" plastic keychain, advertising collectible..Photo...$2.00 (Item 29A-885)

Crayola Storybook Friends Series, by Hallmark, Ruby Redbird 6" beanbag plush 2003, exc condition..Photo..$3.95 (Item 38A-004)

Del Monte advertising collectible

Del Monte 14" plush Shoo Shoo Scarecrow doll from$9.95(item 29a-031)

Del Monte 5" plush holiday ornament, Christmas Yumkins 1991, inside stocking, advertising collectible..Photo...$3.00 (Item 47A-520)

Del Monte 4" plush holiday ornament, Christmas Yumkins 1991, with angel wings, advertising collectible..Photo...$3.00 (Item 47A-516)

Del Monte 4" plush Pineapple figure with santa hat, 1991 Christmas Yumkins..Photo...$3.00 (Item 47A-519)

Del Monte 3.5" plush tomatoe ornament with holly leaves top by Greystone, like new..Photo...$3.00 (Item 47A-518)

Delta Airlines, 50th anniversary 1929-1979 deck of playing cards, exc condition, light wear to the box..Photo...$3.50 (Item 47A-521)

Dole 7.5" beanbag, Pinellopy Pineapple by Greystone, late 90s exc condition..Photo...$5.00 (Item 47A-515)

Dole 7" beanbag plush Pono Greystone 1999Photo...$5.00 (Item 24A-986)

Doughboy advertising collectibles..see Pillsbury on Page Three.

Duncan Hines 3.25" clear acrylic octagon-shaped Seasons Greetings ornamaent, new in box, box has some minor wear..Photo...$3.50 (Item 42A-838)

Duncan Hines 3.25" clear acrylic Happy Holidays ornament, mint in box..Photo...$3.50 (Item 39A-888)

Dunkin Donuts 4.5" koala bear beanbag figure..Photo...$3.50 (Item 25A-126)

Energizer Bunny 26" plush figural Christmas Stocking, advertising collectible..Photo...$8.95 (Item 16A-369)

Energizer Bunny 3" clear acrylic figural keepsake ornament..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-419)

Energizer Bunny 7.5" flashlight, Ever-Ready late 90s, works and in exc condition..Photo...$5.95 (Item 42A-033)

Exide Batteries 7" long racecar, beanbag by Nascar, advertising collectible, late 90s, exc condition..Photo...$4.95 (Item 47A-505)

Fabreze 7" beanbag plush dog holdig Fabreze spra bottle, 2005 exc condition..Photo..$5.95 (Item 47A-493)

fastfood toys advertising collectiblesLink to Our Fastfood Toys Sections

Flavorite, Riley 8" beanbag plush, some fading but over-all in exc condition..Photo...$4.00 (Item 47A-507)

Foster's Farms, Foster Imposter Chicken 7" beanbag plush 1999, exc condition..Photo...$5.95 (Item 49A-656)

French's Fun Food for KIds recipe book, 96 pages 2001..Photo...$2.95 (Item 42A-749)

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