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Welcome to Collector's Connection Animals Figures and Collectibles Section. This section consists of several pages organized mostly alphabetically by animal category. Please scroll through our listings, we have plush, beanbags, figures, ceramics and toys. Most items have photos, we have many items including new and used and some that are older and very hard to find.For information on ordering by mail click here or to contact us

Customers please check with us before ordering quantities, many listings are for very specific items.

Panther cub 3.75" pvc figure..Photo...$2.50 (Item 46A-972)

Parrot 12" plush by Stuffins, late 90s in exc condition..Photo...$6.50 (Item 47A-714)


Penguin 9" beanbag plush doll by Commonwealth Toy and Novelty Co. 1999 with winter scarf and wool cap..Photo...$5.95 (Item 45A-177)

Penguin 8.5" plush with blue stocking cap and bowtie, A1 Novelty Company 1984, in exc condition..Photo...$5.95 (Item 44A-143)

Penguin 8" plush with holiday hat and scarf by Toys House, 1990's..Photo...$4.95 (Item 44A-141)

Penguin 8" plush with scarf by Amtraco Inc, early 90s..Photo...$4.50 (Item 44A-126)

Penguin 8" figural terry cloth bath mitt by Gund, from the late 70's, exc condition..Photo...$4.50 (Item 44A-133)

Penguin 7" plush by NWF Inc 2003..Photo...$4.25 (Item 44A-125)

Penguin 6" plush by Nanco from the early 90s, light wear..Photo...$3.95 (Item 44A-131)

Penguin 6" pellet-filled plush, plastic eyes, from the late 80's, made in Korea, ..Photo...$3.75 (Item 44A-127)

Penguin 6" plush by Applause from the 80s, Statement on chest says, My Heart Belongs to Santa, light wear overall in exc condition..Photo...$4.25 (Item 44A-146)

Penguin 5.5" plush figure by Arctic Circle, 1996 Holiday Penguin, good condition with light wear..Photo...$3.50 (Item 44A-129)

Penguin Bath Beads, pack of 5 with Raspberry Fragrance, Jungle Fun mint on card..Photo...$2.95 (Item 44A-132)

Penguin 5" wooden figure, hollow inside, twist to open, older item in good condition..Photo...$2.75 (Item 44A-134)

Happy Feet 4.5" plush pull-string dancing penguin with clip for hanging, Thinkway Toys 2005..Photo...$3.25 (Item 44A-145)

Penguin 4" plush figure..Photo...$2.95 (Item 48A-651)

Penguin 3.75" beanbag plush figure, Chili Frostbyte from the Boyd's Collection..Photo...$3.00 (Item 44A-112)

Penguin 2.5" pvc figure..Photo...$2.50 (Item 44A-138)

Penguin 3.75" plastic figural rolling toy with paddle feet..Photo...$2.25 (Item 44A-136)

Penguin 2" plastic self-balancing toy..Photo...$1.95 (Item 44A-137)

Penguin 2.75" plastic figural pencil pal, pencil holder..Photo...$2.25 (Item 44A-139)

Penguin 2" plastic wind-up toy walker..Photo...$2.25 (Item 44A-140)

Counting Penguins, by Betsey Chessen and Pamela Chanko, 16 page counting instructional book by Scholastic 1998..Photo...$2.00 (Item 44A-144)

pigs graphicPig Collectibles now on their own page

Porcupine 6" plush figure by Small of the Wild..Photo...$4.00 (Item 28A-266)

dinosaursPrehistoric Animal Figures Page

rabbitsGo to Rabbits Page


Raccoon 9" plush by Plush Creations Inc, early 90's, exc condition..Photo...$5.95 (Item 48A-301)

Raccoon 9" carved wood decoration..Photo...$3.50 (Item 35A-128)

Raccoon 3.5" plastic figure with plush tail, early 90s, holding nut, good$3.25 (Item 46A-561)

Ram 2" pvc figure..Photo...$1.95 (Item 45A-637)

Rat 4" vinyl figure..Photo...$3.00 (Item 27A-960)

Rhonda Reindeer 7" beanbag plush, Hallmark 1984..Photo..$5.95 (Item 49A-489)

Link to Other Reindeer Plush Items

Reptillion Plush Beanbag$6.00 (item 42A-514)

Rhino 9" plush figure by Gund, World Wildlife Series, early 90's exc condition..Photo...$4.95 (Item 45A-908)

Rhino 3" pvc figure..Photo...$2.25 (Item 33A-240)

Rhino 6.5" hanging beanbag plush by Gund, "Corn Chips" from the String Beans series, 1990s exc condition..Photo...$4.95 (Item 46A-051)

Roadrunner 8" length figural wax candle..Photo..$8.95 (Item 49A-484)

for Roosters see Chicken Section


Seahorse 8" beanbag plush by Wildlife Artists Inc 1998..Photo...$4.50 (Item 28A-018)

Seahorse 4" plastic figure..Photo...$2.00 (Item 18A-516)

Seahorse 11" plastic figure..Photo...$3.50 (Item 16A-298)

Seahorse 5.75" plastic figure..Photo...$2.00 (Item 19A-929)

Seahorse 4.5" acrylic figure with glitter inside..Photo...$3.95 (Item 45A-154)

Sea Horse 8.75" plush by the Smithsonian Collection 2000..Photo...$3.95 (Item 46A-050)

Seahorse 13" wooden template..only one in stock..Photo...$2.50 (Item 23A-831)

Seahorse 7" carved wooden decoration..Photo...$2.50 (Item 36A-984)

Seahorse 8" felt cut-out, pink..Photo...$1.50 (Item 36A-985)

Seahorse 8" felt cut-out, dark green..Photo...$1.50 (Item 36A-988)


Seal 12" plush, white body with brown markings, plastic eyes and nose, made in China, early 2000s, exc condition..Photo...$5.95 (Item 48A-741)

Seal 8" plush, vintage made in Korea, late 80s, friendly character face, light brown body, plastic eyes, good condition..Photo...$4.95 (Item 48A-357)

Seal 10" white plush by K and M International, early 1990s, exc condition..Photo...$4.95 (Item 48A-347)

Slippery the seal, Ty Beanie from 1998, like new condition..Photo...$6.50 (Item 48A-343)

Seal 8" beanbag plush by King Plush early 2000s, exc condition..Photo...$4.50 (Item 48A-348)

Seal 8" grey plush by K and M international 1992, exc condition..Photo...$4.50 (Item 48A-350)

Harbor Seal 7" plush figure, Wildlife Artists 1994, exc condition..Photo...$3.95 (Item 48A-349)

Seal 5" plush figure, grey body, no tag, likely from the mid 1990s, has some light wear overall in good condition..Photo...$2.50 (Item 48A-351)

Seal 12" plush, white with brown spots, plastic eyes and nose..Photo...$7.50 (Item 16A-769)

Sea Turtle 9" vinyl figure..Photo...$5.95 (Item 42A-613)

Shark 14" plush by Yes Club..Photo...$4.50 (Item 47A-712)

Shark 3" pvc figure..Photo...$1.95 (Item 45A-635)

Shark 3" pvc figure, hammerhead..Photo...$1.95 (Item 45A-633)

Skunk 11" plush by Soft, sitting up pose, Classics 1995, exc condition..Photo...$6.95 (Item 48A-630)

Skunk 7" carved wood decoration..Photo...$3.50 (Item 35A-132)

Snake Figures

Snake, 40" long, 1" thick at thickest point, soft vinyl, green body with white markings..Photo...$3.95 (Item 32A-955)

Snake, 60" coiled rubber figure, green with orange bands..Photo...$3.00 (Item 36A-176)

Snake, King Cobra 36" long coils up into a 14" plush by Ace Novelty..Photo...$4.00 (Item 31A-872)

Snake 34" long in coil, orange and light brown body, 1/4" to 3/8" diameter..Photo...$2.00 (Item 26A-353)

Snake..rubber figure..34" long..Photo...$2.00 (Item 1211-017)

Snake 36" long in coil..Photo...$2.00 (Item 29B-932)

Snake 22" long 1" in diameter at largest point, light green body with dark green bands..Photo...$2.00 (Item 26A-355)

Snake 22" long 1" in diameter at largest point, dark green body with white bands..Photo...$2.00 (Item 26A-354)

Squirrel 3" glazed ceramic figure, exc$3.95 (Item 44A-010)

Squirrel ceramic figurine 3.5"..Photo...$4.25 (Item 44A-011)

Squirrel 9" plush, Smithsonian Institution, Sound Prints 1995, exc condition..Photo...$6.50 (Item 49A-500)

Squirrel 6" plush..Smithsonian Institution 1995..Photo...$5.00 (Item 49A-499)

Squirrel with nut, ceramic figure on a 3" star shaped base, with clip on bottom..Photo...$2.95 (Item 45A-139)

Squirrel 3.5" plastic figural sun-catcher style decoration..Photo...$2.25 (Item 45A-464)

Ty Beanies, including squirrels are listed on our Beanies Page

Starfish 12" nylon figure, water toy by Malibu Fun..Photo...$4.00 (Item 31A-500)

Stingray 2" pvc figure..Photo...$1.95 (Item 45A-631)

Swan 8" beanbag plush by Dakin 1981, pink body..Photo...$5.95 (Item 49A-491)

tigersTo the Tiger Page

Toucan 7" plush with water-glitter filled decoration on belly, Water Bellies Collection ISNY 1998..Photo..$5.95 (Item 49A-487)


Wild Turkey 8" figural brown glass bottle by Avon, Deep Woods After Shave 6 fl oz size, this is the bottle only, exc condition from the late 70s..Photo...$7.50 (Item 44A-022)

Gobbles the turkey, Ty Beanie from 11-96, like new condition..Photo...$6.50 (Item 48A-341)


Turtle 12" teach-me doll by Avon 1989..Photo...$6.95 (Item 46A-070)

Turtle 7" plush wind-up musical plays "This Old Man" by Eden Toys..Photo...$5.95 (Item 46A-073)

Turtle 6.5" carved wood decoration..Photo...$3.95 (Item 46A-083)

Turtle 6.5" beanbag plush.."Speedy" by Russ Berrie Co 1973..Photo...$5.00 (Item 46A-072)

Turtle 7" beanbag plush by Collector's Choice..Photo...$3.95 (Item 46A-077)

Turtle 7" plush figure..Photo...$3.50 (Item 46A-074)

Turtle 7" plush from the Water Bellies Collection 1998..Photo...$5.50 (Item 46A-075)

Turtle 5" vinyl figure..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-080)

Florida Snapping Turtle 4" vinyl figure, exc condition...Photo...$3.50 (Item 48A-078)

Sea Turtle 2.25" vinyl figure..Photo.only one available..$2.50 (Item 46A-082)

Turtle 2" pvc figure..Photo...$1.95 (Item 45A-335)

Turtle 3" plastic figural keychain decoration..Photo...$2.50 (Item 48A-855)

Turtles, 2.5" plastic pull-string walkers toy..Photo...$2.00 (Item 29A-969)

Turtle 2" pvc figural pencil topper..yellowish green color..Photo...$1.95 (Item 46A-081)

Franklin Turtle

Franklin Turtle, What Was That? Thunderstorms, board book with sound effects by Publications International 2000, light wear overall in exc condition..Photo...$3.50 (Item 46A-290)

Franklin In the Dark by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark..Scholastic Books 1986..Photo...$2.00 (Item 24A-513)

unicornsTo the Unicorn Page


Walrus 9" plush beanbag by Dakin 1975..Photo...$6.50 (Item 47A-715)

Walrus 8" plush by Soundable Pals, item from the 90s in exc condition except sound is not working well..Photo...$3.95 (Item 48A-354)

Walrus 7" beanbag plush by Dakin, Wyland Series, like new..Photo...$5.00 (Item 46A-053)

Walrus 5" hard vinyl from 1997, exc condition..Photo..$2.50 (item 37A-922)

Whale 12" plush figure..Photo...$4.50 (Item 47A-711)

Killer Whale 6.5" pvc figure..Monterey Bay Aquarium 1991..Photo...$3.75 (Item 44A-116)

Whale 6" plush figure..Photo...$2.50 (Item 44A-100)

Whale 7" vinyl figure by Mattel 1995..Photo...$2.95 (Item 37A-413)

zebraTo the Zebra Page

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