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Welcome to Collector's Connection bears figures collectibles and toys page. Please scroll through our listings of plush bears,teddy bears, beanbags, ceramics, figures, toys and books. Most items have photos, we have many items including new and used and some that are older and very hard to find. We are adding fresh items often, be sure to bookmark and check for updates.

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Ceramic Brown Bear Honey Dispencer figure..two piece bottom an top with honey dipper stick that sits in a slot on the back..good condition photo..$8.00(item 46a-813)

Big and Little Brother Bears 6" ceramic, wind-up rotating musical figurine, Play-Mates by OtaGiri, exc condition..Photo..$7.95 (Item 46A-759)

Holy Bible 10" Bear "Dad" "Miracle Celebration Series 1999 Unlimited Edition..for ages over 3..Photo..$8.95 (item 45A-215)

Homespun Creations 3.5" hand-crafted bear figurine, Thanksgiving Pilgrim theme, grandmother bear character holding cornacopia of fruits and vegetables, mint in box..Photo...$4.95 (Item 38A-102)

Homespun Creations 3.5" hand-crafted bear figurine, Thanksgiving Pilgrim theme, Pilgrim holding apples, mint in box..Photo...$4.95 (Item 38A-103)

Bear 14" plush doll in military outfit, drill instructor.."Duke" by Sugar Loaf, late 90s..Photo..$6.00 (Item 46A-764)

Stamp Bear, 9.5" beanbag, USPS promo, Lewis and Clark Expedition theme, from 2004 like new..Photo...$8.95 (Item 48A-090)

Brown "Cubby" 8" bear by Russ, vintage item from the mid 80s, has some wear to the flocking on the face but overall in good-exc condition, has the plastic ear tag..Photo...$5.95 (Item 46A-786)

Brown bear 22" plush by Dollcraft Industries 1985, light wear overall in exc condition..Photo...$6.95 (Item 46A-780)

Poseable 12" plush bear, white body with leather coat by Fabri Centers of America, early 90s, exc condition..Photo..$5.95 (Item 41A-689)

Brown/white Bear 10" plush by Circus/Circus..Photo...$4.95 (Item 46A-785)

Brown Bear 7" plush figure with clip, "Coal" from the Official Mascots Series 2002 Olympics Salt Lake City..Photo...$4.50 (Item 46A-958)

Bear 8" plush, has aqua marine colored body with bow, plastic eyes, no tag but in exc condition..Photo...$4.50 (Item 46A-783)

Bear 7" plush by Soft Things, red sleeper/red hat, holding valentine heart, from the late 80s in exc condition..Photo...$3.95 (Item 46A-782)

Brown 7" plush graduation bear with cap and gown, holding diploma with brass heart-shape dedication frame on chest..Photo...$6.00 (Item 46A-792)

NOTE: We have some beanbag bears listed on our Beanie Baby Page

collecting bears

Animal Alley 16" plush with bean bottom, 2001, maroon fur..Photo...$8.50 (Item 35A-550)

Animal Alley 9" plush, battery operated Happy Birthday Bear from 2000, exc condition..Photo...$7.95 (Item 46A-797)

Brown fairy Bear 4.5" plush with plastic clip, Animal Alley 2004, like new..Photo...$2.25 (Item 37A-546)

Brown bear 12" plush with flower pattern dress by Atlanta Novelty Co..Photo...$5.95 (Item 23A-883)

Brown bear 10" plush hand puppet by Commonwealth 1989..exc condition..Photo...$5.95 (Item 46A-798)

Bearly Expressions 8.5" beanbag doll by K.Y. International 1998..Photo...$4.95 (Item 46A-855)

Bearly Expressions 8.5" beanbag doll by K.Y. International 1998..Photo...$4.95 (Item 46A-856)

Bearly Expressions 8.5" beanbag doll by K.Y. International 1998..Photo...$4.95 (Item 46A-853)

Bearly Expressions 8.5" beanbag doll by K.Y. International 1998..Photo...$4.95 (Item 46A-854)

Bear 7" beanbag plush by Kelly Toy Co. 2000..Photo...$4.00 (Item 33A-741)

Bear 8" plush from the Ty Attic Treasures Series 2000..Photo...$6.50 (Item 49A-354)

Cloth bear 7" handcrafted, with outfit and button nose and eyes..Photo...$3.50 (Item 41A-780)

Cloth bear 7" handcrafted, with outfit..Photo...$3.25 (Item 46A-789)

Berenstain Bears

Berenstain Bears, Mama, 11" plush doll by Applause..late 80's..excellent leftPhoto...$8.95 (Item 27A-520)

Berenstain Bears 7" cloth handpuppet, childsize hand from 1987..Photo...$4.50 (Item 27A-373)

Berenstein Bears, Coffee Cup.."Cold Milk,Hot Soup,Ice Cream Soda,one Scoop, 1987.images are of Mama/Papa/Son/Daughter on$8.50 (Item 45A-210)

Berenstain Bears On Time, Stan and Jan Berenstain, 36 page hardback book, Readers Digest Kids Books 1992..Photo...$3.00 (Item 29A-076)

Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV, Stan and Jan Berenstain, 32 pages, First Time Books, Random House 1984..Photo...$3.00 (Item 29A-070)

Boyd's Bears

Boyd's Bears 14" plush Snowman Bear 1997, exc condition..Photo..$7.95 (Item 47A-589)

Boyd's Bears 8" plush poseable bear with hat, flower decoration and scarf, "Nanette DuBeary" from the Archive Collection 1999, exc condition..Photo...$6.50 (Item 47A-591)

Boyd's Collection 7.5" plush bear figure 2001, Niki II..Photo...$4.50 (Item 47A-590)

Boyd's Collection 1990, 5" plush bear with angel wings..Photo...$3.95 (Item 47A-593)

Bubba Bear 9" plush with vinyl head, Happy Birthday doll by Mattel 1999, has sound effects- "happy birthday to me", holding banner, exc condition..Photo...$6.95 (Item 46A-962)

Business Man Bear by Russ Berrie, 6" plush with brief case,hat and coat, early 90's..Photo...$4.95 (Item 46A-794)

Career Bears 9" beanbag plush, mailman with bag and letter by Peek-a-Boo Toys..Photo...$4.50 (Item 46A-961)

Military Bear, Sailor by Sugar Loaf, 8.5 plush doll, from the early 2000s, like new..Photo...$5.00 (Item 44A-163)

Career Bear 9" beanbag plush.."Justus" the policeman by Peek-a-Boo Toys..Photo...$4.50 (Item 23A-478)

Career Bears 9" beanbag plush.."Lilly the Gardener"..Photo...$4.50 (Item 48A-738)

Career Bear 9" beanbag plush.."Summer" the Teacher by Peek-a-Boo Toys..Photo...$4.50 (Item 48A-739)

Career Bears 9" beanbag plush, "Erin" the Flight Attendant..Photo...$4.50 (Item 25A-025)

Dakin 16" plush angel bear with wings from 1994, exc condition..Photo...$8.95 (Item 46A-951)

Bear 9" plush by Chosun rattle in tummy..Photo...$4.95 (Item 48A-298)

K's Collection, Big eyed Bears 5.5" alabastrite figurine, reading book, hat. toys at feet..Photo...$5.95 (Item 46A-765)

K's Collection, Big Eyed Bears 5.5" alabastrite figurine, holding books and bear cubs..Photo...$5.95 (Item 46A-814)

Koala Bears

koala bears

Koala Bear 7" vinyl figural cling-on figure..Photo...$8.75 (Item 49A-391)

Koala Bear 6" plush figure, sitting pose with green bow, World Wildlife Fund 1988s, exc condition..Photo...$4.50 (Item 49A-622)

Koala Bear 5" plush figure, sitting pose with red bow, Happy Memories from Australia early 2000s, exc condition..Photo...$3.95 (Item 49A-623)

Koala Bear and baby climbing tree stump 3.5" ceramic figurine..Photo...$4.50 (Item 41A-766)

Koala Bear 3.5" ceramic figure, posed as having fallen backwards, resting on hands behind his back, feet in the air, from the 1980s in exc condition..Photo...$3.95 (Item 45a-147)

"Blame Me Bear".. 6" plush brown bear, with box, box has some wear..Photo...$5.95 (Item 46A-791)

Darby plush bear by Russ, item #4930, pellet-filled in feet/bottom, dark blue body..Photo...$4.95 (Item 46A-795)

Cheerleader bear 10"..Play-by-Play..Texas Longhorns..Photo...$4.95 (Item 15A-834)

Teddy Bear 9" plush with Toronto uniform shirt, no tag on doll but it appears to be early 90s, exc condition, sports memorabilia..Photo...$3.95 (Item 46A-784)

Brown Bear cub, two-toned, 9 inch tall, Play-by-Play, early 90s, exc condition..Photo...$3.95 (Item 48A-297)

koala bears stuffed bears figures dolls collectiblesLink to Bear Candles

Brown Bear 11" plush handpuppet by Dakin 1979..Photo...$5.95 (Item 46A-953)

Grizzly Bear 11" plush handpuppet from the Folktales series by Folkmanis 1990s in exc condition..Photo...$6.50 (Item 46A-799)

New York Fire Department 8" beanbag plush bear by King Plush, like new..Photo...$5.95 (Item 46A-800)

New York Fire Department 8" plush bear.."American Heroes" by Good Stuff 2002..Photo...$5.00 (Item 46A-956)

Slacker Bear, 9" plush by Applause 2004, holding guitar, exc condition..Photo...$6.95 (Item 42A-384)

NOTE: Snuggle Bears are listed in our Advertising Collectibles Section.

Soft'n Snoozy Chimers 3" bisque porcelain ornament by Jasco Company, mint in box..Photo...$4.95 (Item 46A-775)

Wedding Bear, vintage 11" plush with veil and bouquet by Commonwealth 1980s..Photo...$5.95 (Item 46A-954)

White 10.5" plush bear by Kelly Toys, late 90s, exc condition..Photo...$6.50 (Item 48A-300)

White Bear 11" plush with shorts, nightcap and pillow, no tag, probably from the early 1990s, in exc condition..Photo...$4.95 (Item 48A-496)

White bear 10" plush jointed limbs, in blue checkered jumpsuit by GWT, early 90s, light wear..Photo...$3.50 (Item 22A-082)

White Bear 10" plush by Applause, late 90s, holding pink rose with matching bow, plastic eyes, exc condition..Photo...$4.50 (Item 48A-734)

White bear 18" plush by California Stuffed Toys, early 90s..Photo...$8.95 (Item 46A-851)

stuffed bears plush dolls figures gummi bearsLink to our Gummi Bears

Stuffed Bear, 7" ragdoll style, hand crafted, buttons for eyes and nose, not sure of date, exc condition..Photo...$3.50 (Item 48A-303)

Bear character style 6" glazed ceramic bank..Photo...$5.95 (Item 46A-808)

Brown bear and cub hunting fish in stream, 6" ceramic figurine..Photo...$8.50 (Item 46A-777)

Brown Bear 5" plush figure with santa cap, Americo Wego Co. 1982, exc condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-787)

Bear 5" plush figure, ornament with hanger on top, no tag, appears to be early 90s, exc condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 48A-302)

Bear character in train engine 3" plastic ornament..Photo...$3.00 (Item 33A-299)

Bear with computer 3" ceramic figurine on 4" base..Photo...$3.50 (Item 15A-953)

Brown bear 2.25" pvc ornament with statement, "Baby's 2nd Christmas"..1996..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-761)

Brown bear 4" plush figure and keychain..bandana on head, "Born to Run"..Photo...$2.50 (Item 16A-562)

Bear 3" ornament-figure mounted on wooden cube with bingo cards..Photo...$2.50 (Item 18A-248)

Bear 3.5" glazed ceramic figure/shaker, brown body, in standing pose, exc condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-946)

Bears, set of three characters as tennis players, 3.25" tall ceramic figures, exc condition..Photo...$8.50 set (Item 46A-942)

Bear cub 3" ceramic figure in a sitting pose..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-944)

Bear 3" ceramic figure/shaker, sitting pose with honey pot..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-945)

Brown bear cub 2" pvc figure, eating a leaf..Photo...$2.25 (Item 46A-762)

Bear 3" figural stamper with statement "Have a Nice day!"..Photo...$2.00 (Item 18A-262)

Bear 2" figural stamper with statement "Hug Me!"..Photo...$2.00 (Item 49A-008)

Bear character, 2" carved alabastrite figure, sitting in innertube, sunglasses..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-948)

Bear character, 2" carved alabastrite figure, standing with hat, holding towel..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-947)

Pair of white bear cubs in basket 3.25" ceramic figurine..Photo...$3.95 (Item 46A-818)

Bear 4" poseable ceramic figure, wearing Dr's coat..Photo...$4.95 (Item 45A-142)

Bear 3.5" ceramic figurine, carebear similarity..Photo...$4.50 (Item 46A-757)

Bear as marching band drummer 4.5" carved alabastrite figurine, exc condition..Photo...$4.95 (Item 45A-156)

Bears set of three, 3.5" ceramic figurines, holding a poker hand of cards..Photo...$6.95 (Item 46A-766)

Bear Angel 3.5" alabastrite figurine..Photo...$3.95 (Item 45A-153)

Bear 5" ceramic figurine, girl with apron, cooking..Photo...$3.50 (Item 46A-772)

Bear 3" ceramic figurine in sitting position, light brown, pink trim..Photo...$3.50 (Item 46A-773)

Bear 4.5" ceramic figurine by Hallmark, mother with cub, late 90's exc condition..Photo...$5.95 (Item 44A-046)

Bear 3.5" flocked poseable figure..Photo...$2.50 (Item 45A-172)

Bear cub 3" ceramic figurine in laying position, light brown, pink trim..Photo...$3.50 (Item 46A-816)

Bear 2.75" ceramic figure, boy character holding balloons..Photo...$3.50 (Item 46A-768)

Bear 2.5" pvc figure, cheerleader character..Photo...$3.50 (Item 46A-770)

Bear 2.5" glazed ceramic figurine, toothpick holder, bear standing next to tree stump, State of Minnesota collectible..Photo...$3.95 (Item 46A-774)

Bear 2.25" pvc figure, brown bear head on square base..Photo...$2.50 (Item 46A-767)

White bears 9" plush pair sitting on heart base holding a rose, valentine theme, from the late 90s in exc condition..Photo...$6.95 (Item 45A-911)

White bear 4" terry cloth figure..Photo...$1.95 (Item 46A-776)

Brown Bear 3.5" pvc figure, standing up on hind legs..Photo...$2.95 (Item 48A-858)

Bear sitting on wooden cube with tiny bingo cards decorations, piece is 3" tall with loop for hanging as an ornament, exc condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 48A-859)

Bear 2.5" pvc figure, playing banjo by Russ Berrie 1969..Photo...$3.00 (Item 46A-769)

Stars and Stripes Teddy 9" beanbag bear by Crista Bears Inc, like new..Photo...$5.00 (Item 28A-679)

Team Bean 8" beanbag army bear 2004 like new..Photo...$4.95 (Item 46A-959)

Bear 5" glazed ceramic figural teapot..Photo...$8.95 (Item 46A-804)

Teddy Bear 3.25" ceramic figure..Photo...$3.50 (Item 45a-151)

Teddy Bear 3.5" figure made out of seashells..Photo...$3.95 (Item 45A-155)

Teddy Ruxpin 7" beanbag plush figure from 1998, exc condition..Photo...$3.95 (Item 46A-771)

Bear figural 3" plastic sun-catcher decoration, holding love heart..Photo...$2.50 (Item 48A-869)

Bear figural 2.5" plastic sun-catcher decoration, santa outfit, w magnet on back for mounting..Photo...$2.50 (Item 48A-870)

Paddington Bears

Paddington Bear 10" plush, Kids Gifts, late 90s, exc condition ..Photo..$7.50 (Item 47A-475)

Paddington Bear 11" plush doll laying down with head on pillow, wind-up musical plays Brahms lullabye, by Eden Toys late 90's in exc condition..Photo...$9.95 (Item 47A-483)

Paddington Bear 2.5" pvc figure, football player..Photo...$2.95 (Item 47A-482)

Paddington Bear 2.5" pvc figure, soccer player..Photo...$2.95 (Item 47A-481)

Paddington Bear 9" X 9" plush cushion with strap to hang, exc condition..Photo...$3.50 (Item 47A-478)

Padington Bear 9" X 9" pad..Photo...$3.50 (Item 47A-479)

Paddington Bear 7" X 8.5" pad..Photo...$3.50 (Item 47A-480)

Paddington Bear 1, 2, 3 by Michael Bond, preschool learning, Viking Press hardback 1990, exc condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 47A-476)

Paddington Bear Colors by Michael Bond, preschool learning, Viking Press hardback 1990, exc condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 47A-477)

Panda Bears

collecting panda bears toys figures plush stuffed collectibles

Panda Bear 10" plush golfclub head cover, with acrylic weather resistant fur, made in Korea for Finest in Golf Co. early 2000s exc condition..Photo...$6.50 (Item 46A-748)

Panda Bear character 11" plush doll by Ideal Toy Company, early 2000s, exc condition...Photo..$5.95 (Item 48A-638)

Panda Bear 8" beanbag plush by ELH Enterprises 2005, US Postal Service promo, exc condition..Photo...$5.95 (Item 46A-745)

Panda Bear 4.75" pvc figure by Safari LTD 1998, exc condition..Photo...$3.95 (Item 46A-746)

Panda Bear 4.75" pvc figure by AAA 1998, exc condition..Photo...$3.95 (Item 46A-747)

Panda Bears 3" ceramic figure, couple holding heart, exc condition..Photo...$3.95 (Item 46A-750)

Panda Bear 3" pvc figure, made in China maker unknown 1998, exc condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-751)

Panda Bear 2" plastic figure in a sitting pose holding leaves..Photo...$2.25 (Item 46A-753)

Panda Bear 2.5" plastic figure..Photo...$2.25 (Item 46A-749)

Panda Bear 1.75" pvc figure in sitting pose, shirt and striped tie..Photo...$1.95 (Item 46A-755)

Polar Bears

Polar Bear 8" plush with parka and snow shoes.."Alaska"..Dakin 1987..Photo...$6.50 (Item 46A-796)

Polar Bear 3" pvc figure by AAA 1998..Photo..$2.50 (Item 46A-763)

Miscellaneous Bear related items

Fred Bear Fun Book, activity book, 15 pages, coloring, cut-outs, crafts, 1999, in new condition..Photo..$2.95 (Item 48A-737)

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