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Welcome to Collector's Connection Little Mermaid collectibles and toys page. Please scroll through our listings of plush dolls, beanbags, figures, toys and books. Most items have photos, we have many items including new and used and some that are older and very hard to find. Please use the shopping cart or for information on ordering by mail click here or to contact us
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Ariel from the Barbie Princess Collection, 11.5" doll, exc$9.50 (Item 41A-480)

Ariel 9" beanbag plush by Disney Store,good condition..Photo...$6.50 (Item 45A-206)

Ariel 4" pvc figure on base, with rooted hair..Photo...$3.95 (Item 49A-320)

Ariel and Flounder 3.5" plastic toy with wheels, Flounder goes around Ariel figure as wheels turn.Part of The McDonalds Happy birthday train..Photo..$3.25 (Item 45A-201)

Ariel 3.5" vinyl figure with rooted hair, Mattel late 90s..Photo...$2.50 (Item 48A-514)

Ariel 3" plastic figure, early 2000s..Photo...$2.50 (Item 45A-200)

Little Mermaid vinyl glove, 6" length, 2.5" wrist, right hand finger pattern, Disney early 2000s, exc condition..Photo...$3.50 (Item 46A-566)

Little Mermaid Ariel Compact Clip, McDonalds 2006,..Photo..$3.00 (item 41A-993)

Prince Eric in 4" plastic brown rowboat on wheels, McD Toy 1990s..Photo...$3.50 (item 45A-895)

Max the dog Paddle McDonalds Grey/white wind-up toy,$3.00 (item 49a-640)

Flounder 6" plush by Applause from the 90s, in exc condition..Photo...$4.50 (Item 18A-740)

Flounder 3" vinyl figural bottle topper..Photo...$2.95 (Item 45A-196)

Flounder 3" vinyl figural ornament with stocking cap..Photo...$2.50 (Item 48A-507)

Flounder 2.5" plastic figural rolling toy, golden finish..Photo...$3.00 (Item 48A-483)

Flounder 2" pvc figure on base from Little Mermaid II..Photo...$2.50 (Item 45A-197)

Flounder 4" plush figure ornament, McDonalds 90s, some fading/fair condition..Photo...$2.50 (Item 49A-114)

Flounder 3" vinyl figure, from the 90s some paint rubs..Photo...$2.50 (Item 49A-110)

little mermaid collectibles toys characters plush figuresBurger King Little Mermaid Toy Set


sebastian little mermaid disney collectibles figures toys

Sebastian 5" beanbag plush by Applause, late 90s,good condition..Photo..$3.95 (Item 48A-950)

Sebastian 3" figural wind-up toy with golden finish, McD 90s..Photo...$3.50 (Item 49A-099)

little mermaid disney collectibles toys figures dollsMcDonald's Toys Little Mermaid Series.

Other Related Characters

Little Mermaid, 4.5" Shark rolling toy, McD with golden finish..Photo...$3.50 (Item 49A-100)

Little Mermaid dog Max 4" figural wind-up toy, McD 90s, with golden finish..Photo...$3.25 (Item 49A-101)

Little Mermaid dog Max 4" figural wind-up toy, McD 90s, with regular finish..Photo...$2.95 (Item 49A-103)

Scuttle 3" vinyl figure..Photo...$2.95 (Item 49A-113)

Urchin 6" vinyl figure..Photo...$4.50 (Item 45A-208)

Urchin 4" figural plastic squirter toy..Photo...$2.95 (Item 45A-205)

Tip the Penguin 2.25" pvc figure from Little Mermaid II..Photo...$2.95 (Item 45A-897)

Little Mermaid sea turtle 4" figural wind-up toy, BK 90s..Photo...$3.00 (Item 49A-102)

Misc Little Mermaid Items

The Little Mermaid II, Return to the Sea, CD ROM Game with purse, Ariel's Underwater Adventure, Disney 2000..Photo...$4.95 (Item 48A-328)

Little Mermaid Ariel figural comb..Photo...$2.95 (Item 45A-209)

Disney's The Little Mermaid Beauty Treasure necklace and water fragrance cologne...Photo...$4.95 (Item 49A-116)

Little Mermaid vinyl stickers,..Photo...$2.95 (Item 521-011)

Little Mermaid theme Toddler size top 4-T used but clean and in good condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 49A-108)

Little Mermaid theme Toddler size top XS 4/5, used but clean and in good condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 49A-107)

Little Mermaid original motion picture VHS video cassette with case, excellent condition..Photo...$12.95 (Item 49A-112)

Little Mermaid WDC, Princess Collection Wish upon a starfish Ariel's songs and stories, video cassette VHS..Photo...$9.95 (Item 1214-02)

The Little Mermaid Books

Disney's The Little Mermaid, The Big Baby by Irene Trimble, A Golden Super Shape Book 1998, some discoloring on the cover, minor wrinkles overall in good condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 49A-109)

Little Mermaid "How to Draw" the little mermaid..9"X 11" paperback book 1998, Walter Foster, good condition some minor outside edge$5.95 (item 42A-319)

The Little Mermaid, Nefazia Visits the Palace by Suzanne Weyn, Disney Press 1992, 76 pages..Photo...$3.00 (Item 37A-428)

Little Mermaid "Hunts for Treasure" A surprise lift the flap book, hardbound good$3.95 (Item 38A-484)

Ariel's Christmas Under the Sea 24 page storybook, Disney early 90's,good condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 38A-047)

The Little Mermaid's Treasure Chest Series, The Good Sport, Disney Books by Mail 1992, hardbound, has a signature inside front cover otherwise in good condition..Photo...$3.50 (Item 48A-847)

The Little Mermaid's Treasure Chest Series, Bee Nice, Disney Books by Mail 1992, hardbound, has a name inside front cover otherwise in exc condition..Photo...$3.50 (Item 48A-880)

The Little Mermaid's Treasure Chest Series, Scared Silly, Disney Books by Mail 1992, hardbound, has a name inside front cover otherwise in good condition..Photo...$3.50 (Item 48A-881)

Golden Super Shape Book "The Little Mermaid"..Photo...$2.95 (Item 15A-072)

Disney's The Little Mermaid, Flounder to the Rescue, A First Little Golden Book, by Jean Lewis illustrated by Cardona, 1994..Photo..$2.95 (Item 48A-788)

"Flounders Gift"..Golden Little Super Shape Book..Photo...$2.95 (Item 15A-068)

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