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A Thousand Candy Santas by Daphne Doward Hogstrom 1977, Rand McNally Junior Elf Book..Photo...$2.25 (Item 41A-552)

Bible Stories for Little Children..Mary Alice Jones..1960's..Photo...$4.00 (item 36a-939)

Big Helpers, Power Shovels, trucks, Derricks, Power Rollers by Irma Wilde 1953, Rand McNally Junior Elf Book..Photo...$3.00 (Item 35A-355)

Christmas Joys by Kathleen Daly 1980, Rand McNally Junior Elf Book..Photo...$2.25 (Item 41A-553)

Farmer in the Dell ..1957 Rand McNally Elf book..minor warping on front top corner..inside pages good$3.00 (item 41A-295)

Feeding Time at the Zoo, Rand McNally Start Right Elf Book 1971..Photo...$2.55 (Item 41A-346)

Fire Fighters by Bruce Grant, Start Right Elf Book 1972..Photo...$2.00 (Item 29A-531)

My First Book About Jesus by Mary Alice Jones, Rand McNally Elf Book, 1970's reprint from the original 1953 title..Photo..$3.50 (Item 37A-053)

Noni, the Christmas Reindeer by Daphne Doward Hogstrom..Checkerboard Press 1988..Photo...$2.50 (Item 13A-140)

Number 9 the Litte Fire Engine..Elf Book..minor wear on edges,signature and year in ink inside front cover,inside text excellent condition..Wallace Wadsworth/Eleanor Corwin..1950'$8.95 (item 41A-714)

Our Animal Friends by Virginia Hunter, Tip-Top Elf Book, vintage copy late 50s, exc$5.00 (item 42A-469)

Pocahontas, "A Little Indian Girl of Jamestown"..Tip-Top Elf Book..Rand McNally 1957..signature inside front cover and some yellowing but otherwise in excellent condition..Photo...$5.00 (Item 18A-724)

Pudgy, The Little Bear by Marjorie Barrows..Rand McNally Tip-Top Elf Book 1964..Photo...$5.00 (Item 23A-419)

The Bremen Town Musicians, rand McNally Junior Elf Book, illustrated by Irma Wilde 1965..Photo...$2.00 (Item 35A-531)

The Christmas Snowman..junior elf book..Diane$2.50 (item 37a-794)

The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore, Rand McNally Junior Elf Book from the copy onlyPhoto...$2.50 (Item 41A-033)

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