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Strawberry Shortcake Collectibles

strawberry graphicStrawberry Shortcake Dolls and Pets

Huckleberry Pie 18" pillow doll..Photo...$10.00 (Item 16A-934)

Ginger Snap figure McD's 2006..Photo..$2.50 (Item 48A-920)

Strawberry Shortcake 5.5" vinyl jointed doll, AGC 1979, rooted hair has been trimmed, she is wearing two-piece maroon colored, velure, fringed outfit with matching hat, overall in exc condition, still some fragrance..Photo...$7.50 (Item 31A-910)

Strawberry Shortcake 5.5" vinyl jointed poseable doll, 2002, Bandai..Photo..$4.95 (Item 47A-954)

Strawberry Shortcake 5.5" poseable vinyl doll with checkered pants and white blouse, come, 2002..Photo...$4.95 (Item 38A-780)

Strawberry Shortcake 4" plush figure with plastic clip, no tag but this is the newer 2002 TCC, exc condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 38A-155)

Strawberry Shortcake 4" McD figure 2006..Photo..$2.95 (item 47A-884)

Strawberry Shortcake 4" McD figure$2.95 (item 48A-203)

Strawberry Shortcake 5.5" vinyl doll, poseable, dressed as Miss Berry, beauty cointest winner, exc condition..Photo...$4.95 (Item 47A-902)

Strawberry Shortcake Series 2007, Orange Blossom..Photo...$3.25 (Item 45A-865)

Strawberry Shortcake 4" McD Tea Blossom figure$3.25 (item 48A-193)

Strawberry Shortcake 4" McD Angel Cake$2.95 (item 48A-204)

Strawberry Shortcake 4" McD Lemon Meringue figure$2.95 (item 47A-883)

Ginger Snap 8" beanbag plush by Kelly Toy Co. for Those Characters 2003, like new..Photo...$6.95 (Item 35A-904)

Strawberry Shortcake friend Blueberry Muffin 5" mini pillow$2.95 (Item 48A-191)

strawberry graphicStrawberry Shortcake vintage dolls, the following items are not complete, the dolls are authentic AGC from the late 70's and early 80's that were missing outfits, some have clipped hair but most still retain their fragrance and are in good condition, we have pieced together outfits, hats, shoes and combs to make these vintage, hard-to-find dolls worthwhile but these are not necessarily their original outfits. please see the photos and descriptions for more specific detail.

Lemon Meringue 5.5" vinyl jointed doll with pants suit and sweater, leggings, no hat or shoes, with comb, original AGC..Photo...$5.00 (Item ssc-14)

strawberry graphicMisc. Strawberry Shortcake Items

Strawberry Shortcake wall switch plate, standard size, mint on card with mounting hardware, AGC 2005..Photo...$4.95 (Item 45A-735)

Strawberry Shortcake Colorforms Games, 60 stick-on pieces, 2003 Those Characters, exc condition..Photo...$4.00 (Item 34A-733)

Strawberry Shortcake pet character Honey Pie Pony by Bandai 2003 TCFC license, excellent condition ..Photo...$4.25 (Item 39A-441)

Strawberry Shortcake 3" plastic strawberry patch shaped patio umbrella and stand, vintage from the early 80's..Photo...$3.00 (Item 36A-680)

Orange Blossom 4" plastic figure with plastic clip for hanging, TCFC 2005, exc condition..Photo...$2.95 (Item 41A-906)

Strawberry Shortcake..8" Plush Work Out Series 2$6.50 (item 38a-312)

Strawberry Shortcake 4" cloth holiday ornament..Photo...$2.50 (Item 16A-947)

Strawberry Shortcake Twin Flat and Fitted Sheet, 50% cotton, has all different characters including pets on sheets, vintage, don't have a matching pillow case..Photo...$10.00 (Item 49A-254)

Strawberry Shortcake 50 pc mini puzzle by Rose Art, 5" X 7" mint in box ..Photo...$2.50 (Item 39A-443)

Strawberry Shortcake Promotional DVD, "Spring for Strawberry Shortcake"..Photo...$3.00 (Item 38A-465)

Strawberry Shortcake, set of four 4" hoop style printed pattern ornaments..Photo...$4.50 (Item 33A-282)

Strawberry Shortcake 96 page coloring book, Dalmatian Press, one page has some marking otherwise in exc condition..Photo...$2.50 (Item 42A-406)

Strawberry Shortcake 14" X 10.5" frame-tray puzzle by Rose Art 2003, 25 pieces, like new..Photo...$3.50 (Item 38A-152)

Strawberry Shortcake at the Beach, 24 page storybook, TCFC 2003..Photo...$2.50 (Item 42A-163)

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Tairy Tales "Cinderella" paperback..special edition$2.25 (item 41A-915)

Strawberry Shortcake Berrylicious Bake-Off paperback book..2003 Those Characters,book is miss the Jewel Stickers,otherwise complete excellent$3.50(item 41A-440)

Strawberry Shortcake Sleeps Over paperback book..ages 3 and up..2004 Those Characters,book is miss the Jewel Stickers,otherwise complete good$2.00(item 41A-439)

Strawberry Shortcake 32 page Cooking Fun book by Michael J. Smollin..Random House Pictureback..1980..signature inside coverPhoto...$3.00 (Item 17A-732)

Strawberry Shortcake "The Berry Big Storm" Station Stop 1 Beginning to Read$2.50 (item 38a-361)

The Berry Best Friends Picnic by Jackie Glassman, Grosset and Dunlap 2003, 32 pages storybook..Photo...$2.95 (Item 37A-078)

Strawberry Shortcake, All Aboard Reading, The Berry Big Storm by Megan E. Bryant 2003, Grosset and Dunlap Publishers, 32$3.00 (Item 36A-673)

Meet Strawberry Shortcake, 32 page storybook, illustrated by Lisa Workman, Grosset and Dunlap 2003..Photo...$2.50 (Item 35A-934)

Strawberry Shortcake's "Berry Merry Christmas"..hardback Grosset/$6.95 (item 35a-806)

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