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Welcome to the Collector's Connection Taco Bell toys page. Please browse through the listings below. Most items have photos and please feel free to contact us with any apecific questions.

Ordering is easy, please use the shopping cart or for information on ordering by mail click here or to contact us

All Customers please check with us on availability before ordering quantities as many of these are very specific items, in some cases we may have extra pieces but, we need to check.

Animorphs Jake-Lizard Transformer toy from Taco Bell 1999..Photo...$2.50 (Item 46A-695)

Animorphs claw to hand, toy watch..Photo...$2.50 (Item 46A-689)

Batman and Robin Series, Batman on Ice, popsickle mold..Photo...$2.50 (Item 46A-702)

Big Guy Rusty.."Atomic man with Gushing Alien"...Press back of man to release red goo from alien ..Photo..$2.50 (Item 46A-694)

Big Head Bobblers Series, Backwards Bertha toy..Photo...$2.75 (Item 46A-710)

Chihuahua 4" plastic figure..Photo...$2.25 (Item 46A-691)

Dino-Tek Series, Slam toy..Photo...$2.50 (Item 46A-697)

Godzilla Force, battle tank toy..Photo...$2.50 (Item 46A-708)

Jungle Mix Ups, 1995, lion/boar from Taco Bell..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-717)

Marvel Heroes in Action, Mystique, push-button puncher toy by Taco Bell..Photo...$2.50 (Item 28A-815)

Mask Series, Pretorius wind-up toy from Taco Bell..Photo...$2.50 (Item 46A-712)

Mask Series, vinyl squirt toy from Taco Bell..Photo...$2.50 (Item 46A-718)

Mr. Freeze Sleet Shooter, Taco Bell..Photo...$2.50 (Item 46A-696)

Racin' rocket car and launcher..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-703)

Street Sharks, Wrist Cruncher..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-713)

The Mummy, The Animated Series, Evy's Great Escape, Taco Bell..Photo...$2.50 (Item 46A-700)

Wildlife Adventure, Outback Camera, button for different animal images..Photo...$2.50 (Item 46A-705)

Wonderlens, Aquarium of the Aliens, Glow Spitter..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-701)

Woody Woodpecker, Wave ridin' Woody, wind-up jet-ski toy, Taco Bell late 90s..Photo...$2.75 (Item 46A-707)

Zoogle Doodle with crayons and coloring patterns, mint in package..Photo...$2.95 (Item 46A-688)

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