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Welcome to Collector's Connection Troll dolls page. Please scroll through our listings of trolls dolls and related collectibles. Most items have photos, we have many items including new and used and some that are older and very hard to find. For quantities please check with us first, many items are single pieces. For information on ordering by mail click here or to contact us

Note: International customers, please check with us by email about shipping rates.

Troll 12" handpuppet chef, with chef hat over vinyl head, red hair, by Russ, late 90s, exc condition..Photo...$5.95 (Item 45A-871)

Troll 10" plush bath buddy doll by Russ, late 90s, hair has been clipped short otherwise in exc condition..Photo...$6.50 (Item 48A-321)

Troll 9" vinyl doll by Uneeda Doll Co. 1986, entitled Good Luck Wishnik Troll, with outfit, hang tag, blue hair, in exc condition..Photo...$9.95 (Item 46A-882)

Good Luck Troll 6" vinyl troll doll by Jakks PAcific 2006, mint in$11.95 (item 49A-611)

Troll Plush soft body 6" Easter egg Shaped body..."You're Egg-stra special"...purples/pinks/blues/ striped egg/soft hands feet/vinyl head with pink hair...looks to be Russ Berrie..tag has been cut$6.95 (item 49A-259)

Troll 4.5" vinyl doll by Russ,tourquoise hair, blue vest,pink cowboy style hat,made in Korea, exc condition..Photo...$4.95 (Item 48A-214)

Troll 4" vinyl figure riding on 5" skateboard by Russ, late 90s in exc condition..Photo...$3.95 (Item 48A-320)

Troll 3.5" vinyl doll by Russ, 1993, pink hair with glitter, with diaper, holding happy new year penant, exc condition..Photo...$3.95 (Item 48A-128)

Troll 3" vinyl doll by Russ,maroon hair,brown cowboy hat, exc condition..Photo...$4.95 (Item 48A-216)

Troll 3" vinyl doll by Ace Novelty,Blue Navel GemStone,holding Valentine Card, exc condition..Photo...$4.95 (Item 48A-217)

Troll Printed Collectibles

Treasure Trolls, Tinkling by Stephen Cosgrove, Golden 1992, 32 page$2.95 (Item 41A-665)

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