The 5 Best Research Paper Writing Tools You Should Try

The research paper is one such part of the curriculum which usually terrifies the students. They think that they won’t be able to do professional justice to the work given. Since writing a paper on a chosen research topic must heavily deal with academic structures and works on methodology, most of the students feel that they won’t be able to manage the two things together on paper. To salvage the situation, the internet is now replete with some research tools which help the students come up with a full proof and flawless thesis.

But before you opt for any tool, you should be cautious because not all the sites are reliable; some are there purely to make money and then disappear, leaving you in despair. So you must do a thorough background check like studying reviews or customer feedback before trusting the site. Always check whether their payment method is secured or not and who are the persons behind that particular site.

Let us see some of the tools which will help you in framing your dissertation paper.


  1. Colwiz: One of the best tools for your work, this will help you to search for relevant articles on the number of articles published online on it. It helps you with automatic cloud backup for your references. It helps you pick out the important part of your pdf document. It also has some referencing styles and helps you in MS Office.
  2. Mendeley: It is another important tool which doubles up as a library of knowledge. You can put all your referencing done in one place. You can access pdf documents whenever you want, not necessarily you need to be online. You can also share your documents here.
  3. EndNote With this tool you can easily manage and store your referencing materials and journals. The inbuilt bibliography comes in with different citation styles. You can share it online with your team for further work.
  4. Citavi This tool helps you to organize and manage your references and can also save quotations for future referencing.
  5. ReadCube This tool helps you to manage, cite references and save them for future reading. You can import pdf files from your computer and do the necessary work here. As an added benefit, you will get daily suggested articles based on your library.

These are some of the best paper writing tools which you should try out.

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