Writing A Quality Research Paper On Physico-Chemical Analysis Of Water

Your teacher may ask you to write a research paper related to the physicochemical analysis of water. This is an interesting topic that requires a student to put serious effort into their academic project. If you want to create a paper of high quality, you should follow a particular set of steps during your work.

How to Compose a Top-Quality Research Paper on Physicochemical Analysis of Water

  1. Choose a narrow topic.
  2. If you want your study to be unique and meaningful, you should narrow down the general topic that your teacher has indicated. For example, you may conduct the physicochemical analysis of water from two or more areas and compare them to each other in your paper.

  3. Carry out your study.
  4. First, you should gather theoretical materials that you’ll need during your study. You may consult your instructor to learn where to get the needed sources. Then, based on gathered literature, you should select your methodology and start conducting your tests. Try to achieve as accurate results as possible.

  5. Outline your paper.
  6. It’s very important to plan the contents of your paper in advance. This will make it easier for you to structure your text properly on the first attempt. Make sure to include the following main chapters:

    • The introduction;
    • The review of the literature;
    • The description of the methods;
    • The presentation of found data;
    • The discussion of results;
    • The conclusion.

    Each chapter should be divided into several subchapters. Show your outline to your instructor to be sure that they approve it.

  7. Compose a draft.
  8. Write your paper maintaining formal tone. It’s allowed to use terms that are specific to your study area because the majority of your audience should be familiar with it. Make sure to describe your methods and results very thoroughly so that the reader exactly understands the actions that you’ve performed.

  9. Edit your paper.
  10. Don’t expect your first draft to be perfect. It’s likely that you’ll need to rewrite many paragraphs and correct plenty of mistakes before your paper can be considered well-written. Make sure that you meet the word limit stated in the assignment guidelines and format your document properly.

Creating a Title for a Research Paper

This step should be taken in the last instance. The title of your paper should be short (no more than 12 words) and informative (include the keywords from your text.) It’s also advisable to have a phrase in your title that will draw the reader’s attention. This will make your paper more memorable.