7 Elements Of A Good Research Paper On Christian Marriage

Religious debates can be tricky to tackle, yet, many fearless academics must make their way through the confusing mass of information to achieve some sort of clarity, year after year. While their job is not enviable, it is quite necessary to understand the intricacies of religious behavior, our world is practically governed by it, after all.

When conducting research, no matter what the study, it is always important to have respect for human beings. That being said, true knowledge cannot be obtained without breaking some boundaries and while conducting studies about a christian marriage, it may be impossible not to do so. The following list contains 7 elements that I consider necessary for a research paper in christian marriage:

  1. Careful topic selection
  2. Choosing a good topic can make all the difference and you should spend a significant amount of time doing this. Make sure your topic does not offend anyone, or single out any groups of persons, you simply wish to catch the attentions of readers without causing any trouble.

  3. Doctrinal definition of a Christian marriage
  4. Do a little research, find out how Christians view the concept of marriage and how their doctrine defines it. This is a good place to start your paper since it will clearly identify what you intend to speak about.

  5. A typical christian marriage
  6. Do some more research, maybe by asking around your community, gather observations about persons that consider themselves part of a christian marriage. Keep your opinion out of your notes and only record observable facts that can be verified.

  7. Common problems
  8. Try your best to identify the unique problems faced by couples in a Christian marriage and state how they are usually dealt with. Do Christian couples handle these situation better?

  9. Goal of christian couples
  10. Outline the general goal of a Christian couple and state whether or not it is similar to the goals of other couples.

  11. Children
  12. How are the children of christian marriages different or similar to those of the average marriage? Are there any features that can set them apart or does one have to be told in order to know?

  13. Differences
  14. From all your information, can you clearly identify any difference between christian marriages and regular ones? Can it be said that one is better than the other or are they reliant on the effort and goals of the individuals, as in a regular marriage?