An Elaborate Guide For Composing A Strong Research Paper On Bill Gates

  • Introduction:
  • If I say that Bill Gates is one of the most influential people of the 20th century I won't be wrong. This genius managed to revolutionize the computer industry across the globe with his sheer brilliance and leadership skills and today he's one of the richest men in the world, and the founder of multi-billion dollar empire who's total worth is more than the combined worth of 40 African countries. Therefore, if you have decided to write your research paper on Bill Gates you have to ensure that it matches the same quality as the man you're writing on comprises. Before starting to write it is crucial that you follow the guide mentioned below so that you end up with a strong write-up that this man deserves.
  • Brief Overview:
  • For starters, it is highly important that you give your readers a brief overview of what to expect in the write-up. A good overview will surely generate the curiosity of the reader and make him/her want to read further.
  • Early Life:
  • For a person to understand who Bill Gates is, it is imperative that you shade some light on to the past and early life of Bill Gates such as his childhood and upbringing, first interaction with computers and some special life changing event in his childhood. You tell the readers about Bill Gate's life until college.
  • Microsoft:
  • Of course mentioning Bill Gates and ignoring Microsoft is a grave sin. You have to tell the readers how he started Microsoft by developing a BASIC interpreter at MIT and how the Micro-Soft came into existence. It should also be mentioned that how the partnership with IBM for an Operating system proved to be a game changer for Microsoft and Bill Gates and paved the path for success and fame ahead.
  • Life After Microsoft:
  • Of it is important to mention Bill Gates lifestyle after Microsoft which shall include his personal life and his philanthropic work with his wife, Melinda.
  • Conclusion:
  • To further emphasize your point regarding the greatness of you shall conclude by highlighting the major achievements of Bill Gates and the times he has influenced Movies, Songs, and Video-Games. However, it is important that you write your research paper in the same order as mentioned above so that you can give it a sequential look which will be easy to read and organized properly.