How To Write Research Papers In Language Teaching And Learning

Research papers are one thing that teachers love to assign and students get nervous hearing. If students would understand that there is a simple procedure to complete an assignment of this type, they would not stress quite so much. Here are some ideas on how to write research papers in language teaching and learning:

  • The first thing you need to do is decide on a topic with the subject of language teaching and learning. This can be done by brainstorming. All you need to do is set your timer for 2 minutes. During that time try to write down as many topics that you can think of along that subject. Stop when the timer runs out or when you reach 10 ideas. Look at those 10 ideas and try to eliminate 5 of them that you think may not have enough information to write a thorough thesis. With the 5 that are left, decide which 3 your audience would be most interested in. Of those 3, decide which one you are most passionate about and let that be your topic.
  • Start your paper early after you are assigned the work so you have time to do thorough research. Use at least three trustworthy sources to accumulate your data. Use index cards and keep your notes well organized so you can easily find what you need when you start writing your paper. Think of some unconventional places that you can get information on your topic. Maybe you can speak to a professional in your field of study.
  • As you are doing your research on your topic, think about what you want your topic sentence to be. This will help you narrow down your research and keep you focused on your thesis.
  • Create an outline of your paper. This step should not be skipped because it will keep your work flowing in the proper direction as well as make sure you don’t forget anything important. Include your introduction that states your topic sentence. Include all of your statements that will prove your thesis and also include your conclusion.
  • Create your rough draft using your outline as a road map. Once this is done ask someone you trust to read it and give you advice on how to improve it.
  • After corrections and edits are complete, create your final draft.

All the information on research papers you need can be found on the web. Go here to get the most detailed guidelines that will make your assignment so much easier to complete.