Top Places To Check For A Sample Research Paper On Drinking Age

One of the problems that we are seeing consistently in today’s society is the consumption of alcohol. Not only are adults having problems with over-consumption and the troubles that follow, but younger kids are also getting their hands on alcohol as well.

Many parent organizations, politicians (in the national government and locally) have consistently brought up the question “should the drinking age be lowered or raised?” On the counter argument to this topic, many people are questioning if at the age of 18 years old a young teenager is eligible for the army draft, then should the drinking age be the same as well?

Today we are going to share with you a few resources you can utilize when searching for ample information when it comes to the legal drinking age of alcohol.

Alcohol Anonymous groups

If you are under the age of 18, it is important that you go to one of these locations with an adult. Alcohol Anonymous groups are filled with individuals whom may have had personal problems with alcohol in the past or currently. Typically they go through different classes throughout their road to sobriety and includes writing assignments at times. If you are going to look for a research paper example, this would be a great start for you to take.

Government websites

As stated earlier, the government (nationally and locally) are heavily involved in the conversations regarding the legal drinking age. Keeping this in mind, these types of websites will be great resources for you to utilize during your research phase. It may take you a little bit of time to see what fits for you. However, once you find a website that is of your interest/point of view, you will have a plethora of samples to review.

During your research phase, you will encounter a few individuals having a difference of opinion on this topic. Some believe that the current legal drinking age is perfect and should stay as is. Others believe that it should be lowered as stated earlier, and many will say for the sake of safety that the legal drinking age should be raised.

At the end of the day, take into consideration their opinions in addition to what you personally think. Whether you want to change your mind afterward or not, the best way to learn is to understand more perspectives other than your own.