Ideas For Writing A Research Paper About Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can be said to be the employment of certain kinds of information technology so as to bully other individuals for reasons that are selfish. If you need to write a paper on this topic, then you should keep some points in mind.

Carry out research

Start off by thoroughly finding information on this topic. This can be done by visiting a library and reading some books concerned with this topic. You may also download books from the internet if you wish. A good thing to do is to look at real cases of where cyberbullying has occurred. You can also see the process used to handle these type of cases for instance. You can look online for cases and information on cyberbullying. One vital point to keep in mind is that you should only look at reliable sources. Check if the site you are using is a reliable one.

Points to remember

  • Take notes
  • Record handy information
  • Document certain case studies

Form a strong hypothesis

You can form a hypothesis. This hypothesis can then be tested out by looking at case studies and also by making a questionnaire that you can ask people to fill. You can use primary and also secondary sources within your paper. Primary sources being what you ask people and their response and secondary sources being books, journals, articles, etc. You may carry out interviews if you want also.


The good idea is to make a questionnaire and ask students within your own institution what they think about cyber bullying. If you want, you can ask individuals in your neighborhood to fill in the questionnaire as well. Make the questions simple and not too long so that others will not get annoyed with your questionnaire. You may also ask them if they have been a victim of this bullying and whether they were able to solve it. The questionnaire can be filled in anonymously. By this, you will get the views of students who are major victims of cyberbullying. You can then analyze the results of your fieldwork and incorporate them into your paper.

In your research paper you may therefore incorporate:

  • The severity of cyberbullying. This can be found from information online, books and also from the fieldwork that you carried out.
  • Tell about the different types of the cyberbullying present.
  • Who are the people involved?
  • The impact present of cyberbullying.
  • Coping strategies
  • How can parents as well as educators handle this issue?

You now have some ideas concerning writing a research paper that deals with cyberbullying. If required remember also to list the references that you have used whilst writing your paper.