Research Paper Critical Analysis: 5 Points To Consider

When you are assigned an essay to write a critical analysis of any subject, you need to ensure that your dissertation is effective, and you are able to convey your viewpoint across. Critical analysis theses are usually given by instructors as homework for the end of the term so that the student is able to gather enough research material and more.

Here are 5 points to consider when writing a freelance research thesis on the critical analysis of a topic.

  1. You should identify what is it that the author of that creative work or painting or movie is trying to convey. You can also critique based on the theme. Then you need to see why the creator of that piece felt that way and then see if a solution is offered and if it is, whether it is realistic or not.
  2. Your homework for this thesis will consist of reading and researching freelance material that is totally unfamiliar to you, but it is of the utmost importance. You need to read up in depth on the subject.
  3. On the basis of your homework, you can either describe that creative work in your own way in a summary form of around a paragraph or two or else you can create an outline of it.
  4. You need to use either pathos to appeal to the emotions of your readers or else you can use logos where you reason and use logic to sway the readers to your perspective, or you could use ethos to show why your dissertation should be given credibility. Those are the three ways you can use to structure your essay.
  5. You should then balance the positive and negative elements, and if you come up with some controversies regarding the topic, you can write about those as well. Ideally, you should ensure that you do not make the thesis sound personal and stay away from writing in the first person like “I think” or “I feel.”

When you have written your dissertation, you may want to reorganize it so that the introduction takes only around 10% of the length of the paper. The term “summary” too should be brief, and the analysis should be around 80% of the essay with each paragraph being devoted to a separate idea. The conclusion should also state how you think the work can be improved.