Composing A Powerful Research Paper On Climate Change In Bangladesh

  • Introduction:
  • Bangladesh is an important and emerging company in South East Asia. It was a part of the British India till 1947 and then part of Pakistan till 1971 when it declared independence and the state of Bangladesh were formed. Bangladesh is very close to the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, so it is the first recipient of the heavy monsoon showers in the summers and is often faced by severe floods due to excessive rainfall. However, the hard work by the government in the past ten years is finally paying off as efficient rain and disaster management mechanisms have been installed so the severity of floods is not that intense as it was in yesteryears. So if you’re thinking about writing your research paper on the climate change in Bangladesh, you will find it quite interesting and fun because there is lots of data and facts easily available. But, even then it is highly crucial that you mention the following facts in your paper if you want to write an effective and professional essay.

  • Cyclones and Storms:
  • Due to global warming, we have seen that the number of natural disasters has increased alarmingly, and Bangladesh is no different. There have been many cyclones and storms in the past few years (from 2005 onwards) and every year there are at least two cyclone warnings given in the monsoon season.

  • Salinity:
  • Due to global warming the water level all over the globe is rising and this has caused problems to countries with a coastal line. Bangladesh is no different and because of a rising water level, they have to face issues of salinity in the soil near coastal areas which renders the land useless for growing trees or crops. In addition to this, Bangladesh could lose up to 20% of its land area due to a heightened water level.

  • Extreme Temperatures:
  • The overall temperature in the north and north-western part of the country has become pretty high, and this had lead to many reported cases of heat strokes. In addition to that, the lack of rainfall in those areas has resulted in a severe drought and famine.

  • Conclusion:
  • In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that if you include the following reason in your paper, then it is bound to make for a good read and your readers will surely enjoy it.